Well…okay… firstly, it’s a copy and paste title… Straight from the last review of Poldark I did-

But who gives a shit. The show’s shit and the final episode of the latest series was shit.

Secondly, my dad wasn’t there to watch it this time. It was me, my mum and my grandy (grandmother).

Grandy Says “Poldark!” Harry Says “NOOOO!”

But grandy didn’t say ‘Poldark!’ She doesn’t do that. She doesn’t act like some crazed demented beast of mechanics, oil production, and the mud the blood and the beer! She’s a lady… She just quietly sits there on the couch when the show’s on and she might say… ‘Poldark’s on.’

Back to the first point. Particularly the quote. But who gives a shit. The show’s shit and the final episode of the latest series was shit. Dot dot dot… Strong words Harry. I’d like to see you try develop a period drama for the BBC.

I’m a hundred and fifty words in and I haven’t said anything about the actual show. Because there isn’t much to say. My opinion hasn’t changed since my first review… Or, perhaps, the show hasn’t changed my opinion since my first review… Alright. A sentence. On the storyline.

Ross Poldark lives a life of anger, regret, conflict and betrayal. A former naval officer and humble proprietor of a tin mine on the coast of Cornwall, Poldark has impregnated the wife of his arch nemesis George Warleggan, who has given birth to a son called Valentine, who is being brought up by Warleggan in the naïve belief the child is his. Also, Warleggan’s niece has moved to Cornwall, coincidently at the same time Poldark’s nephew has also moved to Cornwall, who… take a guess…

Okay, it’s a long sentence. Split in three. So…it’s…three sentences… But, still, that’s all there really is to say about the show. Three sentences… It hasn’t changed much. At all actually… People just love familiarity and routine. Even in the shows they watch.

So, I suppose the only thing I can ‘review’ is, should VultureHound even consider reviewing shows like Poldark? VH is up and coming. Chic. Hip. Edgy! Edgy edgy edgy edgy, that’s the word! We’re edgy. And Poldark isn’t. But it pulls in 5.5million viewers a show. Which in modern day television world is a lot. Put it this way. 100 million subscribers to Netflix, ‘they’ say. 23 million viewers of their number one rated show, ‘they’ say. Ross and the gang would rock up at nine, nine! in the list of 25 most popular shows on Netflix. Right between 11.23.63 and The Ranch. Which both cost a zillion dollars to produce compared to humble Ross Poldark.

Kudos Ross I say. So you do matter in the grand scheme of things. VH shall sit up, take out its crayon and a sheet of standard sized A4 paper, and take note. And you know what Harry? If you don’t like the show so much perhaps you should get off your arse, pick up the book and give that a read instead. You do seem to keep returning to Winston Graham’s story of the same name. Even when you said you wouldn’t…

Dad Says ‘Poldark!’ Harry Says ‘Noooo!’ ver 1.0- I will not, ever, EVER, watch Poldark with them again!

Trust a TV reviewer at the best of times?

What about one that lies……

Enjoy the current series of Poldark on BBC One Sunday nights at 9pm. And catch up with the first two episodes on BBC iPlayer.


Creator: Debbie Horsfield

Starring: Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson, Heida Reed