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Artist Of The Week (19/06/17) – grownuplife

Sometimes electronica’s pounding beats are perfect for a weekend of dancing and staying up late and sometimes electronica is the perfect soundtrack to a staying in on a Friday night. In grownuplife we experience pounding beats and huge snare claps combining into a sound that is almost puzzling, somehow with the ingredients for dance floor fillers, he has created something much more serene.

With grownuplife Charlie Baxter has taken the road worn learnings from a decade within the alternative music scene and created an introverted personal style which takes inspiration from previous projects and applies the song writing style of three very different genres into something miles away from them all. In this project his artist persona meets the producer persona, in less of a Jekyll and Hyde style and more of a two Power Rangers combining into a better robot/animal/thing.

The combination of multiple instruments, effects and production magic create vast musical landscapes that blend analogue and digital sounds faultlessly. Guitar and piano are backed by and over taken by digital fuzz, huge bass-lines, snare claps and synthesiser bursts and with every single listen there are complex layers to be discovered.

There are similarities to an almost limitless list of artists as the complexity in production, recording and performance embrace so many contrasting layers. There are some serious throw back vibes with eighties electronic music like the Pet Shop Boys picked up within the synth and piano combos, 90’s west coast hip hop/G funk represented in dizzying beats and that distinctive electro organ sound and alternative electronica acts like Bibio, Anamanaguchi and Hot Chip’s love of the 8 bit sound.

Within all of this text there is not a single mention of the lyrics or vocals and these are by no means an afterthought, within the razor sharp musicianship and production there are some wonderful turns of phrase. These lyrics become cleverer with how they are performed with collaborators who’s vocals have been well considered delivering each track.

Grownuplife is one of the most exciting acts currently escaping the re-emerging Cotswold music scene, hop on board the hype before he escapes too far!

‘present tense’ – new EP from South West electronic artist grownuplife is out 30/06/17 and will be available for PWYW download from

Twitter: @CBsInMyHouse
Instagram: @grownuplifemusic

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