resident evil the final chapter film review

The chairman of the board of German production company Constantin Film’s Martin Moszkowicz has revealed to Variety that a reboot of the Resident Evil franchise is in the works.

Based on the highly popular video game series by Capcom, the Resident Evil movie franchise began in 2002 and spanned six movies, ending with this year’s The Final Chapter. All movies starred Milla Jovovich and were written by Paul W.S. Anderson, who also directed four of them. With over a billion dollars in revenue worldwide, Resident Evil is the highest-grossing and longest running movie series based on a video game.

The Resident Evil movie series followed Alice (Jojovich), an original character not featured in the games, that worked as a private security operative for the Umbrella Corporation – a pharmaceutical company that was directly responsible for the zombie apocalypse after the T-virus created by them infected the majority of Earth’s population. Alice became the company’s main enemy and the sole hope for humanity’s continued survival in the face of extinction. A number of characters from the game have made appearances in the movies.

All six movies have received mixed to mostly negative reviews, but have been commercially successful, particularly in overseas markets.

There are no cast, crew or story details about the Resident Evil reboot as of yet, nor is there a planned release date.