Peaness are a three-piece indie pop sensation from Chester. They are making all the right waves, and quite frankly this is probably the start of something huge…

Every second of their latest EP Are You Sure? is filled with dreamlike indie pop. Songs float effortlessly into one another, with every note oozing sunshine – even on the rainiest of days. It embraces elements of shoegaze and dreampop alongside surf and indie vibes to combine into an instantly loveable sound.

The opener ‘George’ immediately hooks an ear with an intriguing chorus holding together a complex tale of lost love and a George Osborne shaped metaphor. Within the rest of the EP themes of recycling, food waste, love and emotions are concisely covered in a style which is accessible and well considered. Lyrically, Peaness find an instant bond with a listener as humour and self-deprecation cement the important issues and offer a very personal insight.

This individual approach to songwriting and liquid musical styling creates a release that, although closely related to debut EP No Fun, moves into a more technical field. This progression takes the band from dreamy DIY recordings into a clever indie pop via Sleater-Kinney, Vivian Girls, Surfer Blood and the vocal harmonies of Fleetwood Mac. ‘Skin Surfing’ is a standout in this vein combining these themes with love described with beauty and lust .

It’s an EP full of guitar and bass combinations which playfully move between deep rhythms and knife-edged angular movements. The guitars have fascinating chord progressions that delicately link between hooks and dreamy miniature soundscapes, while the drums provide a rhythmic backbone throughout and avoid imposing too far over the delicate balances.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Peaness yet, then Are You Sure EP is a delightful introduction to one of the UK’s most exciting new bands.

Are You Sure EP is out now on Alcopop! Records.

The release is available on a beautiful ‘mellow yellow’ 7” with debut EP ‘No Fun’ as a B side.