Iron Fist may have left a bit of a foul taste in people’s mouths, especially after the success of shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and to some extent, Luke Cage, but there’s little doubt that that’s stopped any fans of Marvel TV from getting excited about the upcoming ‘Avengers-lite’ a.k.a The Defenders.

After a series of little teasers, the trailer has finally dropped for Netflix’s long-awaited team-up and not only is it full of action and quips, but it’s filled with intertwining threads pulled from the series’ that came before it.

Jessica Jones being rescued from the custody of Luke Cage‘s own Misty Knight by her ‘attorney’ Matt Murdock. Luke Cage engaging with a short scuffle with Danny Rand. Claire Temple finally bringing the heroes together because, seriously, why the hell hasn’t she done that already? Elektra being raised from the dead. Sigourney Weaver being flanked by ninjas.

And that hallway scene, one likely to outdo all other hallway fight scenes in the Marvel/Netflix Universe.

There’s a lot to get excited about. See for yourself:

The Defenders will be ready for binge-watching on August 18th 2017.