Clear the way! Formed in the UK but with members from Spain and Ireland too, GHOST CAR are speeding down the motorway with their debut single which is out now on Greenway Records. Please allow us a moment of your time to tune in to this gloriously wild and totally tuneful 45 that’ll sit well next to your Mika Miko and Vivian Girls records.

What we have here is a hot and hooky 3 minute cut of bubblegum pop, except the bubblegum here has become stuck to a pair of Doc Martens that have been worn to every wild house show where all of your favourite garage rock bands played through the years.

These boots are made for walking as they say and Maeve, Laura, Clara and Maria have committed a seriously catchy and driving powerpop number to record. Echoing the hurtling carefree melodies of JAPANTHER, the bouncey fun of WAVVES and the pop sensibilities of Veruca Salt and Bratmobile. With a drumbeat that don’t quit, an organ that buzzes through your whole body and a chorus you’ll be singing all the way home.

Ghost Car have made a big hitter for the punks, the twees, the skaters, the heshers and hipsters. ‘Stuck in The Mud’ is the first record by the band and being released on NYC label Greenway Records, who have shown no hesitation is considering them peers amongst an amazing roster that includes Abjects, White Mystery and LA Witch. Listen now!