Mez Sanders-Green is angry. Not only is he angry at society, angry at rise of populism, and the 1%, he’s angry with those of you who aren’t angry enough.

He and his band, LIFE, made up of lead singer Sanders-Green, Mick Sanders, Loz Etheridge, and Stewart Baxter, have just announced details of their upcoming angry debut album, Popular Music. It’s a record Sanders-Green describes as, “panic and anxiety – it’s the sound of shitting it about whatever happens next week, about what you can weigh through on the self-checkout to get your beans cheaper”.

Channelling the spirit of late 70s punk, Popular Music has the spitting attitude of Sham 69, The Clash’s thirst for social justice and a 2 fingered stance that comes from growing up in one of the most trod on, classic underdog cities in the UK – Hull.

“It’s an LP made up of the psyche of everyone who can see they’re getting fucked” says Sanders-Green, “and there’s a lot of people getting fucked right now”.

So, who’s responsible? Are you one of those people who can see they’re getting fucked? Or are you happy to ride the wave of privilege, exploiting the system for your own means? Whatever the answer, Sanders-Green has put together a very handy guide for spotting some of these ‘special’ characters – the people who are very much a part (and cause) of the problem.

Are you living next door to a Big Bob? Maybe you work with a Lloyd the Roid, or maybe, just maybe you’re the embodiment of First World Phil. Find out, below…


Big Bob of Little England – Big Bob likes to eat racist noise. He’s been hoodwinked by the red tops. You’ll find these guys en mass in every town, city and ooze bucket, spouting regurgitated rhetoric about the good old days. His skin has the consistency of last weeks cabbage and his farts taste of british reared beef. Small minded. Backwards. 100% moose.

Mr. Aniseed – Mr. Aniseed spouts about the breadline, those food parcels have heavily influenced his writing. Mummy pays rent for a Squat on Kingsland Road whilst labels suck him off like the king of Dyson. Industry created revolutionaries sucking on the teet. Fuck off muffin top try working a job that deals with the real world. Austerity Britain is killing the kids. We’ve seen it. Hey Aniseed get off your iPhone and make a difference your songs are just a footnote on Wikipedia.

First World Phil  – How can you possibly carry a MacBook and your flat white whilst tweeting ‘OMG FML no wifi!’. Everyone’s got a piece of Phil in them. Your beer’s too warm, your coffee’s too cold and your brand new doc martens are too tight. Try milking a goat starved on sand. You tit.

Land Baron Aron – Aron built a 6 storey complex of luxury flats behind your favourite venue, now he’s complaining about the noise. This oily fish is trying to infiltrate your town and fill it full of arseholes. Independent venues are folding up and down the country and it’s fucked. Support live music. Burn the barons.

Lloyd the Roid – Eyes too close together and balls the size of petis pois. Pumped full of water like a battery hen. Bulging in a low-cut, long-line salmon pink v neck. Bodies a temple but you shovel cheap blow up your shnozz on weekend and get real aggro. That’s a nice new Merc mate, I heard you pay monthly, that’s sick bro. You’re just mainly in the gym then yeah. Nice one bro.


Popular Music is out on May 26th. Pre-order a copy, here.

You can also catch them live, in all their angry glory on the following dates: