London based producer/composer Lossy (aka Sam Sharp) is today unveiling the third part of his upcoming new project, Microverse exclusively on Vulture Hound.

‘Microverse Part III’ is the penultimate section of Sharp’s latest minimalist piece – to be released as a film and a 4 track EP on Friday (April 28th) – produced in collaboration with Strangers Are People Too – VJ and video artist Sarah Culross.

Described as ‘an exploration of the epicness within the miniscule’, the 20 minute composition/film was originally born out of Sharp’s desire to experiment with his usual approach to writing and recording. The addition of Culross’ use of microscopes to create psychedelic and abstract representations of nature, makes for a dark, experimental and totally immersive experience.

Take a listen to ‘Microverse Part III’ below to get a taste of what’s coming this Friday.

Sam Sharp spoke to Vulture Hound, to talk about the collaboration and the influences behind Microverse.

What were the major musical influences behind Microverse?

When I set out to write Microverse my main aim was to do something different from my previous work under the name Lossy, something that would develop out of live jamming that would primarily be performed as a live piece at the end, rather than a studio production following my usual creative processes. I let the technology guide me, rapidly firing up different tracks, instruments and effects in an Ableton session, listening intensely as I built up the layers. So I didn’t have any musical influences in mind as I went, but as usual with these things some influences came to the fore when I reflected on what had happened – each section is different but I’d say you can probably hear bits of artists such as Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, Untold, Rival Consoles, Throwing Snow, Clark, Luke Vibert, Max Cooper and Nils Frahm. I’m not necessarily saying my music sounds close to these artists per se, but that stuff was definitely in my ears at the time.

What about thematically? What ties Microverse together?

Taking a step back, from a thematic point of view I really just wanted to get the most I could out of the collaboration with the visual artist Strangers Are People Too – keeping an open mind and going with the flow was really refreshing and definitely resulted in unique material outside of my comfort zone. The one conscious theme throughout is a 16 note pentatonic motif that appears in all of the sections as we travel from ambient, through the acid brass grooves, the free form experimental “scary” section featured here and the final electronica / soundtrack resolution.

Lossy & Strangers Are People Too - Microverse

How did you and Sarah Culross set about taking on such a project?

Sarah (aka Strangers Are People Too) and I first met whilst working with poet Hollie McNish on a series of live gigs in London. After that gig had finished we decided to keep the creative relationship brewing – we enjoyed working together, had solid mutual artistic respect and had similar aspirations for a collaboration in mind. Around the same time I was approached by the Music Tech Fest to perform a piece and so that gave us a nice gig to aim for. We started off by emailing snippets of video and audio to each other, then after a few artistic splurges back and forth, we booked a rehearsal space and the piece began to take shape properly. Sarah was using little snippets of film she’d taken of organic objects and slowly building these into rich yet fuzzy digital layers of shapes and colour, and it felt like my music grew in a similar way too – taking basic elements and obfuscating them slowly beyond recognition.

We’re both chuffed with how it turned out and the reactions we’ve had so far, it’s a pretty personal and experimental piece for both of us so it’s really satisfying when so many people appreciate the journey and get what we’re trying to do.


Microverse is set for release this Friday, April 28th via Lossy’s own label, Boot Cycle Audio.

Find out more via Lossy’s official site, and People Are Strangers Too on Tumblr.

By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.