Picking the best song from Kendrick‘s latest re-invention (DAMN.)of the wheel was like picking a favourite child. But harder.

‘Blood’ is one of the most gripping, well executed intros in the hip-hop history, ‘Element’ is a scorching masterpiece with arguably- no, indisputably, the greatest chorus of all time (“If I gotta slap a pussy ass n*gga I’ma make it look sexy”), the Rihanna feature fuels a song that is more beautiful than sunset, and the U2 featuring track ‘XXX’ is one of the most inventive masterpieces in Kendrick’s ouevre, and may go a long way to making you forget about that iTunes inception. ‘DNA’ is the most thunderous verse of the year (its only April), ‘Love’ helps ensure Kendrick can hold the top two spots for best love songs of 2017, and… you get the idea.

So as hard as it is to pick apart a masterpiece, that’s my job and plus it means you don’t have to read my rambling for much longer. ‘Duckworth’ (9th Wonder) is an instant classic – Kendrick demonstrates a level of storytelling here that is rarely equalled, and never bettered. It’s pointless trying to explain it, so listen yourself. Buy the whole album, anyway (it’s worth it just for Duckworth) if you like music, have a soul, or fancy listening to one of the greatest to ever do it.