Some of the most highly regarded television comes out of HBO. Game of Thrones, True Detective, The Wire, Silicon Valley. They can put out pretty much anything with aplomb, knowing that audiences will eat it up.

Meanwhile, Sky is regarded as the premium paid-TV package on this side of the Atlantic. Viewers willing to make the decadent jump from Freeview to Sky are gifted with a wealth of content, from the hottest films to the latest and greatest TV shows.

Now, the pay-TV powerhouses have teamed up, announcing a deal today that will see them co-producing a ‘high-end drama slate’. The deal see’s them using a $250 million multi-year contract to bring the best of the best when it comes to new shows, the first of which have already begun production.

The shows will be overseen by a panel of executives from both organisations, and will strive to bring television with a focus on ‘high end productions that feature engaging stories with international points of view and casting’. The panel is open to pitches ‘consistent with the content strategies of HBO in North America and the Sky Atlantic brand in Europe’, which no doubt means we’ve got a wealth of rich and varied shows coming our way in the near future.

The partnership hopes to green-light two projects per year, with the first series arriving in 2018. 

Taken from, the heads of both companies had the following to say:

Richard Plepler, Chairman and CEO of HBO: “Sky has been a great partner for us and this deal allows even deeper collaboration between our two great companies, which have a long tradition in creating superior content for our customers. Together we represent the best in television and combined we will raise the bar even higher in pay TV programming.”

Jeremy Darroch, Group CEO of Sky: “HBO and Sky have for many years shared a common creative culture and a common vision for the development of high quality drama.  This new venture deepens that relationship, maintains our leadership position in world-class content, provides great opportunities for indies and gives our customers even more opportunity to enjoy brilliant story telling.”