Freeze the Atlantic – The People Are Revolting (Album Review)

When a band boasts members from some of British rock heavyweights Ruben and Hundred Reasons, the pressure on every release is going to be high. With their third full length, The People Are Revolting, Freeze the Atlantic can add the factors that come with longevity to this pressure.

From the first note it is clear that this band is much too strong to crack under pressure, in fact I would suggest that the pressure cracks under Freeze the Atlantic. The album opens with ‘El Nitro’ – a calm instrumental which creates a meandering opening section. This leads nicely into ‘Annotate my Fate’, which is full of angular guitar licks and a powerful vocal.

‘All Together Not Together’ opens with a bass driven intro which threatens to take over the entire song. This is delicately sliced by razor-sharp guitars and a memorable build up to Liv Puente’s vocal. The combination between power, grit, and varied tone in the verse added to an accessible and catchy chorus marks it as a stand out track.

Vocally and lyrically it is clear that FTA have developed over their previous releases and have developed a maturity. The lyrical content in particular takes swipes at the current standard of living, mental health and political climate along with the themes of love, life and everything in between. Within Puente’s vocal performance there is a new sense of strength that moulds perfectly to the recognisable FTA sound.

Like the band’s previous two LP’s, The People Are Revolting has a sound that throws back to the British rock era of the mid noughties – which is no surprise considering the band’s rich heritage. There is a wonderful simplicity to hearing a familiar style and it allows for hidden aspects to become clearer – the technical musicianship throughout is clever and accomplished. There are a seemingly endless sections of clever interactions between drums, bass and guitar where the focus is shared and changes on a heartbeat creating a very exciting dynamic.

This is a classy effort from a band who have used their years of experience to develop an exciting accomplished sound. Not only is it their strongest work to date, there’s a growing excitement around how these tracks will work in a live setting. My guess – pretty well.

The People are Revolting is out on April 14th via Alcopop! Records.


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