Falling in Reverse – Coming Home (Album Review)

“The King of the Music Scene”, aka Ronnie Radke, is back again with his insanely talented band, Falling in Reverse and their latest album, Coming Home

The anticipation of this record has been building for months with every band member releasing a number of teasers via social media. The title track was the first single to be released and it was instantly epic, maybe the biggest sounding song the band have ever produced. It opens with two piano notes that have the potential to become every bit as iconic as that famous first note of My Chemical Romance‘s ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’, before exploding into a beautifully moving song that actually makes me want to cry.

Radke has always been open and honest in every one of his songs and that has continued into this new album. He confirmed online that the track, ‘Coming Home’ is about his daughter, Willow, and his being away from her, and as Coming Home is a concept album I’m guessing this might not be the only song about her…

The rap elements that have always been so seamlessly incorporated into previous albums may be absent, but Coming Home feels so much more emotionally raw and intensely personal than anything that’s come before. The band itself feel tighter too, and anyone who may have been worried about the departure of lead guitarist, Jacky Vincent can rest assured – Christian Thompson is a phenomenal replacement. His solos are impressive yet subtle and his playing compliments the new music beautifully, fitting in perfectly with Derek Jones’ guitar and the throbbing bass of Zakk Sandler. Of course, the drums are always incredible thanks to the extraordinary talents of Ryan Seaman.

A number of the songs on this record have an electronica kind of feel; extraterrestrial synths and beats really lend themselves to the ‘space-inspired’ theme of the record. Particular highlights are ‘Broken’, ‘Loser’ and the track ‘Superhero’, with its awesome 80s summer feel – perfect for the upcoming season.

There are still plenty of badass heavy songs on the record but they are still entirely permeated with emotion. ‘I’m Bad at Life’ and ‘Hanging On’ are particularly emotive; the pain in Ronnie’s voice paired with his often self-deprecating lyrics are heartbreakingly moving.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said this album is their best so far. It’s almost like everything that came before simply laid the foundations for Coming Home, documenting the journey that both Ronnie and the band have been on. It makes the new music all the more poignant and powerful.

In all honesty, the feelings this album generates are too strong for words. I’m not usually mushy about music but this record forces me to fight back tears and I can’t quite explain why…

This is Falling in Reverse at their absolute best.

Coming Home is out on April 7th via Epitaph Records.


  1. It just feels more mature. They lost some of their fun ‘bro-esque’ 3Oh3! debauchery and incorporated some Angels & Airwaves and 30 Seconds to Mars vibe.

    I like this album, but for very different reasons than I initially started listening to Falling in Reverse.