Freeze The Atlantic QA

With an enviable musical pedigree and plenty of things to say, Freeze The Atlantic crashes back into our venues and sound systems this week with the release of their 3rd album, The People Are Revolting.

The band, made up of former Hundred Reasons man Andy Gilmore, ex-Reuben members Guy Davis and Jon Pearce (who returns to bass duties after a couple of years away), guitarist Tom Stevens and vocalist Liv Puente, are also about to play their first UK gigs in several years.

To celebrate the band’s return, VH rudely interrupted Liv Puente’s cheese eating session to ask about the FTA origin story, songwriting, and the year ahead…


Hello Liv, how’s it going? 

Yeah good thanks. Currently stuffing my face with various cheeses so life couldn’t be better right now!

You are a combination of members of some pretty great bands, what is your origin story? 

The short story is Andy gave Guy (Davis, drums) and Jon (Pearce, bass) a call after he heard Reuben had split up, they got in a room together and wrote FTA’s first song that day, right there and then. They got Tom (Stevens, guitar) in the band shortly after and several line up changes and 3 albums later, here we are doing this interview.

Freeze The Atlantic (L-R Liv Puente, Andy Gilmour, Jon Pearce, Tom Stevens, Guy Davis)

How long did it take to create a sound of your own?

Our sound is constantly evolving mainly down to the changes in personnel and the fact that we’ve always liked to push the envelope a bit, challenge ourselves with every project.

Where do you take influence?

A lot of places, we all have eclectic taste in music. But i’d say the main underlying influences have always been Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Rival Schools and Jimmy Eat World to name but a few.

Tell me about the writing process for The People Are Revolting?

We really took our time with this one. We wanted to make sure we had a bunch of great songs to choose from rather than get in the studio as soon as we have 10 tracks. Lyrically, this album has a lot more social commentaries on current affairs than previous projects. Songs such as ‘Altogether Not Together’ for example, touches on the refugee crisis, ‘Gunnar Hansen’ points the finger at the military and PTSD, while ‘The People Are Revolting’ takes a dig at our forefathers and the huge backward steps Britain and the world seem to have taken in the last few months. We felt compelled to address these things and be brutally honest about them. Sometimes there’s no other way.


What do you enjoy outside of music?

We all have day jobs and families so that keeps us fairly busy outside of music if we’re honest. I’m getting married in June so the planning has kept me pretty occupied lately. Mr and Mrs Pearce got married last year and just had their first child, Tom’s about to have his 2nd child so as you can imagine, there’s little else we have time for these days.

How do your live shows differ from your recordings?

Based on the new album, not much since we pretty much recorded it live. We like to stay as close to the live vibe as possible and we certainly achieved that on this record. The energy and attitude is there, as close as your can get to the real thing minus the smells, sweat and spit. Although a 4D experience could be an interesting concept, hmmm…

Are you happy to be heading back on the road again?

Yeah super happy to be playing some shows again, I seriously cannot remember the last time we played a gig. How bad is that?! So expect lots of on-stage cheesy grins and OTT showmanship to compensate for this long absence.

So apart from weddings and impending births, how is your summer shaping up?

Well we’re gonna try and play as many festivals as we can within our very tight life schedules this summer. I’m road-tripping the entire country for my honeymoon so I’ll be gone for 3 weeks and some of the boys have family holidays planned in August, but we’ll do our best to play a handful of festivals in between all that.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Apart from anything good from the 90’s, I’d say Tigercub, who seem to be doing rather well at the moment. They’re also on Alcopop! Records, great songs and they’re touring all over at the moment to looking forward to catch them at a local show soon. The new Vex Red songs are sounding amazing (never thought I’d ever say that again!) and we’re hoping to discover some new blood on tour, that’s always a good way to discover new music. Our April tour support The Decoy are sounding great so really looking forward to hear them every night.



The People Are Revolting is out on April 14th via Alcopop! Records.

You can also catch them live at the following venues this April:

12/04 – Birmingham – The Flapper
13/04 – Glasgow – Nice N’ Sleazy
14/04 – Nottingham – Bodega
15/04 – London – The Borderline
16/04 – Bristol – The Louisiana