Are you ready to dig up the GROUNDS?

There’s a whole mess of words and connotations dug up with a name like Grounds – sludgy, muddy, messy are some of the obvious ones. This three piece/power trio, however, manage to make the ground shake with their latest single, ‘Stutter’.

The London riffers have somehow navigated the tricky course of being really heavy without sounding like nonsense. They’re super fast but paced well enough for the listener to keep up. Their vocal hooks are catchy enough to sing all the way home in the haze of blown out bass, while hammer and tong guitars and drums are played by a man with steam pistons for arms. They say first impressions are everything, and while they’re a little bit shy of sounding like Death From Above 1979 or METZ – we say Grounds hit it damn hard.

We love a good riff at VH, and ‘Stutter’ has plenty of them. Playing out a little like Nirvana-Bleach era shredder with a heavy dose of the big catchy chorus championed by other smashing UK rock bands God Damn, Pulled Apart By Horses and The Wytches. Check out the video for ‘Stutter’, below.

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