For this week’s Artist Of The Week, photographer Lindsay Melbourne shares some of the images she captured of ‘the most exciting band in Britain right now’ – Idles, during their current UK tour.

Hailing from the dark udders of Bristol, post-punk’s Idles are picking up some serious speed around the UK. A self-proclaimed nose-bleed on the ears in an age of phone scrolling zombies and giving far too much mind to what other people think, Idles are here to remind you exactly how liberating not giving a fuck can be.

Full of fun and fury, this intense and unhinged five-some put on a show with the kind of atmosphere that makes you forget about the everything out there and remind you that you’re alive. It’s angry and raw with catchy pop choruses and all the while being entertained by all five members giving it everything they have in humorous and unpredictable ways.

Born in 2010 It’s fair to say Idles have been slogging it out up until this point, having taken a long hiatus after ‘Welcome EP’ they came back with a new force in the form of Meat EP and more recently the highly acclaimed debut album Brutalism. People are taking notice; the media darlings are paying attention and honestly it feels more exciting than pretty much anything else out there at the moment.

The Idles are: Joe Talbot on Vocals, Bobo (the one in his pants) on lead guitar, Lee Kiernan on Rhythm Guitar and Dev and Job completing the lineup on bass and drums.

Currently halfway through their tour of debut album Brutalism with a stop in Texas along the way I caught up with the fun five at their show at 2Q Festival in Derby. The show was the most wild I’ve seen yet, the venue was at cap’ with people begging to get in. It was an assault on the senses and I left feeling high, and privileged, which are two things that don’t normally go hand in hand.

Joe said recently that since the album was released everything has been a dream and the band are feeling very humbled at this point. Long may it continue to grow and consume us.

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard this but Idles are the officially the most exciting band in Britain right now. They’ll be at all the festivals this summer, and if I were you, I’d make it your priority to see them.

Debut album Brutalism is out now.

All photography Lindsay Melbourne.