A Good Old Fashioned Prison Break – We Still Steal The Old Way (DVD Review)

We Still Steal The Old Way sees the return of Ian Ogilvy’s Archer gang made up of Chris Ellison and Tony Denham who plan and execute a gold robbery from Julian Glover’s dodgy banker. When the raid goes “supposedly” wrong Archer and his cohort’s get sent down. They’re banged up in prison with Patrick’s Bergin’s George Briggs, who they intend to break out  so he can see his wife who’s deathly ill with Alzheimer’s.

Their plan is affected when ruthless old rival Vic Farrow, played enthusiastically by Billy Murray,
is transferred to the same prison. Ogilvy’s charismatic lead had something to do with Farrow’s imprisonment and he wants revenge for the betrayal dating back thirty or more years. There’s a welcome return of Lysette Anthony’s Lizzie, who’s potential relationship with Richie Archer was set up in the previous film and is further developed. They have a genuine chemistry with each other.

We Still Steal The Old Way mixes good natured comic moments with violent prison movie based cliches of corrupt warders, stabbings, dodgy cell mates, prison riots and knowing winks to The Shawshank Redemption. Directed by Sacha Bennett it is also steeped in cinematic knowledge of British gangster cinema past and present.

The film does have its faults there’s very little attempt to flesh out some of the other gang members, there’s a lot of time in the middle we hardly see Chris Ellison and Tony Denhams characters. It also takes some stretches in credibility in how the main characters ended up together in the same correctional facility.

This release from Kaleidoscope Entertainment contains a twenty minute behind the scenes featurette discussing various elements of how the film came together with interviews from cast, crew & producers. We Still Steal The Old Way doesn’t take itself too seriously and in the recent trend of low budget British gangster movies the We Still… franchise stands out giving great character actors that are more of a mature age the chance to be leads in a film again and the final act set up for a potential third movie is one that I look forward to seeing.

Dir: Sacha Bennett

Scr: Sacha Bennett, Simon Cluett

Cast: Ian Ogilvy,Julian Glover,Chris Ellison, Patrick Bergin,Billy Murray, Tanya Franks

Prd: Jonathan Sothcott, Neil Jones, Rod Smith, Patricia Rybarcyzk

D.O.P: Ismael Issa

Edit: Guy Ducker

Music: Chris Hurst, Robert Geoffrey Hughes

Country: UK

Year: 2016

Run time: 94 minutes

We Still Steal The Old Way available on DVD and Blu Ray now

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