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Later this week Harrogate noisemakers, Blood Youth, will be unleashing their much anticipated debut full-length album, Beyond Repair. Full of all the cathartic energy and impassioned lyricism that made the trio’s previous two EP’s (2015’s Inside My Head and last year’s Closure) so damn special.

So to celebrate, Vulture Hound asked vocalist Kaya Tarsus, guitarist Chris Pritchard and drummer Sam Hallett to give us a bit of insight into their musical upbringing with ‘6 Records That Changed Our Lives‘…

Kaya Tarsus (vocals)

Every Time I Die – The Big Dirty

It’s always really difficult to choose my favourite ETID record, but I think it has to be The Big Dirty. As a young musician this album opened so many doors for me. Every time I hear that opening ‘No Son of Mine’ riff it takes me back to sitting on the bus to school listening to this album from start to finish. Packed full of riffs and incredible lyrics, I don’t think would even be in a band if it wasn’t for this record.

Converge – Jane Doe

I was only 9 when this album came out, so it took me a few years to discover. But when I did I had just got into hardcore and really wanted to delve deeper into the music and its sub genres. I remember sitting at my computer and randomly stumbling across this album… As soon as I pressed I play I fell in love. Converge lyrics are some of the most beautiful and poetic I’ve read. A band that always inspires me to push myself as a lyricist.


Chris Pritchard (guitar)

Slipknot – IOWA

This record is something I hold very close because of the impact it had on me growing up. Slipknot’s Self Titled record was the first record I ever bought, but this album was really the one that showed me what they were all about. I found it both terrifying and liberating to listen to at the age I was back then, which was probably 7 or 8. I wasn’t even allowed to listen to it at first. And the most beautiful thing about this record is that each and every other different time I go back to listen through – I hear new sounds and new parts hidden underneath. But this is hands down the most brutally graphic, aggressive and honest metal record ever released. And I take a lot from it.

Korn – Korn

Korn’s Self Titled album was a record I had lying around for a while pretty early on. It was another one I wasn’t allowed to listen to along with all the Slipknot records. I would have my sister go out, buy them and then sneak them into the house for me behind my Mum’s back. But EVENTUALLY when I managed to listen through fully, it reached out and totally grabbed me. It felt like these guys were speaking on behalf of all the kids around the world, on top of real situations that people are too afraid to bring up. This record is another one of the most honest metal records in my roster and I feel like any kid growing up can relate to lyrics – confusion, sex and being bullied for looking weird.


Sam Hallett (Drums)

Funeral For a Friend – Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation

This album was such an important one for me. I think it was the first record I had bought with my own money, I would have been around 13 at the time. I remember this CD lived in my school bag with my Walkman for a good few years during high school, alongside some others but Casually Dressed… definitely trumped the rest. Most days after school would consist of me playing along to it on my kit at home and then subconsciously stealing Ryan’s fills! Even my first ever ‘jam’ with friends included songs like ‘Juneau’ and ‘Bullet Theory’ – we’d give covering them a good shot but most likely butchered them in the process!

Dr. Dre – 2001

Although 2001 had already been out for several years I didn’t really sink my teeth into this album until I was about 16. I remember my older brother had introduced me to it and our Dad had introduced it to him. It was definitely another essential record for me as up to this point I was predominantly listening to alternative rock/post-hardcore based stuff. And from playing along to this album so frequently it aided in my approach when exploring different genres of music, and understanding that it’s sometimes cool to just sit back and play more disciplined styled beats!


Beyond Repair is out on Friday April 7th via Rude Records.

See Blood Youth live this week at the following venues:

08/04 – The Garage Attic, Glasgow
09/04 – The Key Club, Leeds
10/04 – Boston Music Room, London

Check out the latest single ‘I Remember‘, below.

By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.