Vant band photo

Indie rockers Vant have just concluded their biggest UK tour following the release of their debut album Dumb Blood, and playing their final show in Camden’s Electric Ballroom saw their biggest venue to date. The sold out show played host to a varied crowd: father/son duos, lone rangers, glitter faced teenage girls and typical indie moshers. All were hyped and ready to play a part in making history for Vant.

Opening acts Cortes and Black Foxxes set a high standard of performance and warmed the crowd up for the main act, both as excited as the other to be playing in the venue.

Kicking the show off with one of their most popular singles ‘Fly by Alien’ Vant set the (already very warmed up) crowd on fire. By the end of the first verse everyone in the room was moving and singing along. This moving progressed to moshing and if you were planning on standing still for the whole gig that clearly wasn’t going to last long. This form of appreciation of the band’s performance was contagious, rapid and took over the whole room.

The atmosphere of a 90’s rock concert took over the stage as well as the audience. Jumping down from the stage and climbing up as high as he could on the set Eddie Vant (lead singer and guitarist) had the showman-ship of a classic Kurt Cobain. The rest of the band didn’t stay in place for long though, and their walking and thrashing around the stage showed that there was a definite energy of excitement and confidence. The only moment of still within the madness followed a command to ‘get low’, and the whole crowd eagerly following their instructions, crouching to the ground showing just how captivating and powerful the band were to their audience.

‘Well this is mental’ and ‘this is f***ing mad’ filled some of the gaps between songs, and Eddie Vant couldn’t hide his surprise at how the room was receiving their music. Monologues filled other gaps giving us an insight into the minds behind the music, empowering fans to use the voices that could clearly be heard over the music to impact the society we live in. The rock and roll personas faded slightly for the benefit of women’s rights. Following International Women’s day, a speech about the violation of girls in clubs and the importance of such a celebration lead to a new wave of appreciation from the crowd. Society, politics, and women’s rights are just some of the themes from their album which were reiterated during the gig. Heavy and relevant topics aren’t usually brought up to a young mosh-pit of a crowd and met with such a welcome reaction.

A mix of old and new tracks filled the venue, played loudly and with purpose. The big sound coming from a small band was amplified further by the lyrics being screamed back from the fans on the ground. Through the rock and roll performance the music was incredibly well performed and obviously means a lot to the foursome. This tour was just the start for the band with fans already asking when and where their next appearance will be.

This may have been Vant’s biggest show yet but they are certainly only going to get bigger.

By Ruby Parsons

I love music and I love writing, I'm sure half of it is just babble but it makes me happy