Jonah Hill directing a Danny Brown video might seem random – it’s drawn it’s fair share of clickbait articles titled: ‘Jonah Hill is working with WHO?’ but it makes sense when you take into account Jonah’s deep and genuine love of hip hop, and Brown’s rap-hipster status that makes him especially sought after outside of the genre. What IS worthy of surprise: Jonah can direct the shit out of a music video – and Danny Brown might be one of the most unique and integral voices in hip-hop today.

The tune itself, a pulsating, energy-driven banger that furiously explores deep-rooted depression, is given the treatment it deserves by Jonah – set against the backdrop of a schmaltzy family-centric sitcom, Danny is the fish-out-of-water. ‘I’m fucked up, and everyone thinks it’s a joke’ gets laughs and cheers from the studio audience, ‘I have a serious problem’ is blissfully ignored by his TV family, and the whole laugh-or-you’ll-cry message from the song is executed flawlessly, while actually adding extra dimensions of darkness and melancholy.

By Cayle Hotene

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