Even Donald Trump believes Simian Ghost can ‘make the dance floor great again’ (but don’t hold that against them). With the confusingly titled ‘Stop Moving‘ the Swedish alt pop crew have written a toe tapping ode to spontaneity.

Basslines rumble and lead into almost hypnotic beat patterns, vocals profess witty, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and the guitars are experimental and playful; it’s a joyous three and a half minutes. And despite having a clear disco influence, Simian Ghost have added enough electronic fuzz and flair within the additional effects to create something that remains experimental.

The accompanying (unofficial) video, created by a fan in response to the band’s public criticism of Donald Trump, features ‘Papa Bear himself’ giving a ‘masterclass’ in dancing. Bizarrely it compliments this little slice of electropop absolutely perfectly. Watch it below.

‘Stop Moving’ is the second track to be released from the band’s upcoming self-titled LP.

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