Anyone with eyeballs or ear-holes can deduce that this is Griselda‘s time. It’s two main members inking a deal with Slim, Westside dropping near-flawless albums left and right and Conway scorching mics for breakfast – this is their time. Usually with a posse, there’s a load of dead weight in the group that are there more by association than anything – cough cough, even a few in NY – but this isn’t the case with the last piece of Griselda’s triple threat – Benny is as raw, authentic and talented as the screw-faced god himself. Get excited.

Just one more thing – Daringer is really coming into his own. His production style has a classic, cinematic feel that only a few producers can pull off. This beat is a JOKE. I could listen to it on repeat 14 times in a row, without Benny’s grimy storytelling. Daringer stays forging Griselda’s sound.

But onto the meat of ‘Rick’ (a nod to the illustrious Rick James) and I’ll be damned if you don’t break a tooth on Benny’s punchy evocations of the darker side of NY: ‘You know us, bag full of grips and ammo / plugged in with immigrants who sell bricks in sandals’


Benny and Conway were raised from the same school of rap – the way they paint a picture is almost unrivalled in rap.

‘What you tryna cop?
You can buy it here
We got a spot, so the dope
fiends can try it here’

Every word Benny lets loose drips with menace AND truth.

‘Left the 9 took the 40
cause the blast was louder
I heard your shit ghost writ’
it takes the passion out of’

Is a battle cry to all those in-authentic fuckers out there.

Nothing can substitute actually listening to the track so just dive on in – Benny will always be able to tell a story better than I can. Don’t sleep.

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