Last year Nothing pulled off the ultimate triumph over adversity. The release of their second studio album, Tired of Tomorrow, didn’t just produce one of the albums of 2016, it finally put an end to a cycle of a few years of incredible bad luck.

At the centre of it all was frontman and bad luck magnet, Domenic Palermo. From a spell in prison, to suffering a fractured skull and vertebrae as a result of a vicious pot-gig attack in 2015, Palermo has come out of a pretty turbulent couple of years as the victor. Plus, chuck in the fact the band were willing to shelve Tired of Tomorrow completely after Martin Shkreli (the world’s most hated multi-millionaire pharmaceutical troll), was revealed to be the major financier of the label due to release it. Fortunately for Nothing, Palermo, and everyone who’s been touched by the beauty of Tired of Tomorrow, they found away around their ‘problem’, and released the album in May last year (and all without a single penny going into Shkreli’s pocket. Hooray!)

So in the spirit of going against smug, delusional multi-millionaires it seems logical that Nothing would be involved with Our First 100 Days; an organisation pulling together artists and labels to release music during the first 100 days of the Trump administration. Its aim is to not only show a united front against the divisive, hate filled rhetoric of the new president, but also to raise funds and awareness for organizations and causes under threat by Trump’s proposed policies.

After 55 days they’ve had 55 artists contribute tracks, including Angel Olsen, Tim Heidecker, Speedy Ortiz, PWR BTTM, Animal Collective’s Avey Tare, and Surfer Blood. Check out the full list, here.

Day #56 saw Nothing’s contribution. The track, ‘Spell’, originally an unused B-Side from last year’s album, has that heavenly, dream-like, Tired of Tomorrow haze; propelled by gentle and layered guitars, a bucket load of reverb, and Palermo’s delicate meloncollie vocals. If ever there was a song to counterbalance the current avalanche of chaos – this is it.

Check out the track below, and visit the official Our First 100 Days site for details on how you can help support the campaign.

By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.