Last night, the first full trailer for Doctor Who series 10 landed:

The trailer gives us a lot to mull over as we prepare for Peter Capaldi’s last series as the Doctor, before he regenerates in the next Christmas special. At his side as he travels to a wealth of planets and time-periods are Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts and Matt Lucas’ Nardole, who seems to be hanging around for longer than anyone originally expected.

The trailer gives us a better look at some of the threats the Doctor will be facing; including a robot that ‘speaks emoji’, the Daleks in their latest attempt to be scary and a new type of Ice Warrior amongst other, newer editions.
Perhaps the most anticipated arrival for long-time Whovians, however, is the return of the original Cybermen from the planet Mondas. Once again, the Cybermen will be teaming up with Missy/The Master for the two-part finale, but this time in a look they haven’t sported since they fought the first Doctor over fifty years ago.

Doctor Who starts airing next month, on April 15th.