Despite having been around for a little over four year, Sorority Noise has pushed out a hell of a lot of material. The clever and openly interpreted title, You’re Not As ___________ As You Think is the band’s third studio album (ninth release including splits and EP’s) and they’re showing little sign of losing their stride. Their beautifully crafted blend of emo and punk music is smooth to the ears, while lyrical themes about hope, death and mental illness provides the grit on this most brutally honest of records.

Here, you are given a look into the life of the band and vocalist Cameron Boucher, as lyrics about the death of people close to you are railed off. But with such heavy subject matter, Boucher is reassuring; “Things are going to be tough, but it’s going to be fine in the end – and you have to keep going because you just have to. This is how it’s going to be. You’ve just got to do it”.

Sorority Noise is not subtle about how they feel, and the focal point of this record simultaneously kicks you in the stomach and makes you want to weep. The passing of a close friend to the band is present in a lot of the songs on the record, acting as a memory that will linger until closure is found. With lyrics like, “The same things that plague you still plaguing me/God called you to fulfill a vacancy/I tried to see why it wasn’t me” on album opener, ‘No Halo’ to, “And you said we wouldn’t notice it/If you had disappeared” during “Disappeared”, this heart wrenching reminder of loss is beautifully communicated by Boucher and the band.

Along with the tragedy of death and the fight for closure, there are moments on the record of inner reflection, as heard on ‘Second Letter From St. Julie’. “How can I believe in God if he won’t believe in me”, Boucher sings, highlighting a weight he’s been carrying for years. Infact he’s even said in interviews that spending time with with Julien Baker has impacted him in finding comfort in God, something ‘Second Letter…’ reflects beautifully.

The act of ‘finding one’s self’ and being able to cope with tragedy is one of life’s great challenges. With You’re Not As ___________ As You Think, Sorority Noise have shown that confidence can be born out of that vulnerability. And although everyone deals with tragic and life changing events differently, Sorority Noise aren’t ashamed to show the world their blueprint for coping.

You’re Not As ___________ As You Think is out now.