Melodic hardcore/post hardcore/emo punks My Only are a band who are creating a tinnitus style buzz at the moment.

So during the UK leg of their tour with Giants and Polar Vulture Hound caught up with bassist, Sam Clark to find out a bit more about Norfolk’s next big export.

What is your origin story as a band?

Our drummer Tom and I have been in various bands together for a long time now, Jon (vocals) was a good mate of ours from University so that all came together naturally. Oli (guitar), we met more recently through a shared love of creating music and all has just fallen into place.

Where do you take influence?

We undeniably take a lot of influence from early emo bands of our youth such as Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. This and a combination of real life situations we have to go through is what inspires us the most.

Can you describe your sound? 

We have been compared to the likes of Brand New and Basement, who are two great bands to be compared to. We have been told by a lot of people that we sound like a wide variety of bands, so it is great that different people see such a variety of influences in our music.

Tell me about the lyric/song writing process?

It changes from track to track, we generally like to nail down the feeling and message behind a song before writing it, sometimes the lyrics come faster than the music and we tend to embrace this as it usually results in a song that has a lot more meaning to us as individuals.


What do you enjoy outside of music?

The band has derived from all of our hobbies so music plays a big part in all of our lives even outside the band. We all have full time jobs so that and the band seem to take up a lot of our time.

How do your live shows differ from your recordings?

We’re always really pumped to play live, its the reason we started this band. So i think in turn this creates more energy live as well as a more intimate setting.

You are on tour with Polar and Giants at the moment, what is it like touring on such a strong line up?

It’s an absolute privilege to be included on such a large tour for a band our size. The guy’s are great and the shows have been so much fun.

How is your summer shaping up? 

The summer is shaping up pretty well, after this tour we are looking to get in some studio time and then head back out to Europe on a smaller run.

What’s your local music scene like?

Most of us are based around the Norfolk area mainly Kings Lynn. The scene was pretty decent growing up and everyone our age seemed to be in bands of some sort. Unfortunately a lot of the venues that we used to go to have closed down now which has resulted in a pretty big decline in our local scene.

Do you have any venue/artist recommendations?

We have a played at The Black Heart in Camden a few times and its been great. Cool venue and seems to have a great music scene.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Citizen, Balance & Composure, Doe, Tigers Jaw, Modern Baseball and Bon Iver are on my playlist at the moment!

What does the rest of twenty seventeen have in store for you?

We just want to get out and play. We would love to be able to keep touring in new places meeting new people along the way.


Catch My Only on tour with Polar, Giants and Empires Fade on their European Tour throughout March:

06/03 :: Belgium Tessenderlo @ The Box
07/03 :: France Paris @ Gibus
08/03 :: Germany Trier @ Lucky´s Luke
09/03 :: Switzerland Aarau @ Kiff
10/03 :: Italy Vicenza @ CS Bocciodromo
11/03 :: Slovenia Ljubljana @ Orto Bar
12/03 :: Germany München @ Feierwerk Sunny Red
13/03 :: Austria Vienna @ Das Bach
14/03 :: Hungary Esztergom @ Sportalso
15/03 :: Czech Rep Prague @ Futurum
16/03 :: Germany Nürnberg @ Z-Bau
17/03 :: Germany Berlin @ Cassiopeia
18/03 :: Germany Hannover @ Mephisto
19/03 :: Germany Wiesbaden @ Schlachthof
20/03 :: Germany Hamburg @ Logo
22/03 :: Holland Haarlem @ Patronaat
24/03 :: Germany Leipzig @ Four Rooms
25/03 :: Germany Essen @ Cafe Nova

You can also find them on Facebook, and get their recent EP, This Room & You via Bandcamp.