There have been plenty of movies about proposals gone wrong (The Proposal, is an obvious example), but none quite get the belly laughs that Daniel Sorochkin’s Check Please does.

Ben (Bryan Manley Davis) has taken long-time girlfriend Laura (Amelia Brain) to a restaurant for their 5 year anniversary. To make the evening extra romantic, he’s brought along an engagement ring, once belonging to his grandmother, for the waiter to hide in Laura’s meal. The problem is, the waiter has sent the plate to the wrong table, and Hannah (Emily Dennis) has said yes. Boyfriend Mike (Jacob Trussell) goes along with mistake, much to Ben’s dismay.

The screenplay, as short as it is, is crisp, and all the jokes and set pieces throughout land. Trussell’s loathsome character is fantastic in building the awkward tenseness of the scene, and his assholery allows the humour, and subsequent laughs, to build. The almost entirely unapologetic waiter, Stephan (Matthew Porter), also does a fantastic job in exploiting the ridiculousness of the situation for laughs.

Sure, the plot is contrived, and the acting at times does feel exaggerated, but that only helps to fuel the enjoyment of the film. The awkward tension eventually settles down for a (spoiler for anyone who has never seen a Rom-Com) saccharine sweet ending, but the back-and-forth leading up to this point makes this inevitable and predictable finale a welcome sight.

Dir: Daniel Sorochkin

Scr: Daniel Sorochkin

Cast: Bryan Manly Davis, Amelia Brain, Emily Dennis, Jacob Trussell, Matthew Porter

Prd: Reut Elimelech, Helena Emmanuel

DOP: Oren Soffer

Music: Roded Leviathan

Year: 2015

Run Time: 16 mins