For nearly a decade, the rainy skies of Washington State have remained forever abundant in the poetry created by Seattle’s favorite son, Sadistik. Sure, it is hip hop music at its core, but deep beneath the label, the lyrics and imagery they create are so much more than that. From his first album The Balancing Act all the way down to his most recent offering; an EP entitled Salo Sessions, Sadistik has never strayed from the dark realm that is his world. Instead, that world boldly spins on its axis; ironically, in the same continuous fashion his albums seem to after a listener is completely captivated by the sounds of a man who doesn’t fear the thought of being anything other than who he is.

While many rappers and hip-hop artists feel an eventual need to deviate from their comfort zones in order to sell their music in a more mainstream way, Sadistik continues to forge ahead through the recesses of his own internal struggle; a daily battle of dark versus light and good versus evil. In his music, he portrays himself in wounded words. From the death of his beloved father, to the loss of his mentor; hip-hop icon Eyedea, Sadistik’s albums are a metaphorical magazine rack full of his own issues, readily available for the public to peruse as they wish. 

As he prepares to release his latest full length offering Altars (April 14, 2017) on Equal Vision Records, a “rock” label synonymous with bands like Coheed & Cambria, Saves The Day, Converge and Chiodos;  Sadistik will take his intense onstage presence across the United States to promote the album on a 22 city jaunt that will include tour support from “Fake Four” artist Nacho Picasso and Rafael Vigilantics; a man that the “Huffington Post” has dubbed “The Iggy Pop of Hip-hop”.

On stage, Sadistik can appear poised and animated one minute, rattling off his deep cutting verses full of words that seem to punch him square in the gut; and in the next, he crumbles to the floor, curled up like a child cowering into a corner hoping to escape the path of harm that lies in front of him. The show is nothing short of special; an intimate experience of a man and his words set under a single colored stage light as he rhymes into a vintage style microphone that often times sees its cord wrapped around his neck symbolically, much like a noose on the neck of a man that is on the brink of peril.

Sadistik’s music is a mixture of skill, imagery and poetic mastery, with plenty of “blood, sweat and tears” thrown in for good measure.  His sound captivates on an unparalleled level, in a way I can only describe as follows; for every dusk and dawn, there is a long period of hauntingly beautiful nightfall, where the moon hangs high and silhouettes the world in a soft glow until the sun comes up. It is here where you will find the workings of Sadistik, a man trapped between his own personal “dusk” and “dawn” that he illustrates in beautiful words that have changed the way many view the genre of hip hop.

Be sure you catch Sadistik in your city starting on April 12th and pick up your copy of Altars through your preferred music retailer via Equal Vision Records starting on April 14th.