The wait is over for quite possibly one of the most highly anticipated records of the year, hell, of the last five years, Eternity, In Your Arms is finally here.

Surely, Creeper must have been feeling the pressures of expectation with their debut album; the band’s rise to fame has been rapid and intense, already supporting major names such as Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, The Misfits, Andy Black, and Pierce the Veil. They gain massive amounts of new fans from every show they play and the Creeper Cult is growing stronger every day. They have had fans hooked since their first EP and the concepts, themes and stories that are weaved throughout The Callous Heart, The Stranger, and now into Eternity, In Your Arms ensures the interest and anticipation only grows faster.

But there was never any need to worry. Of course the Southampton horror punks could live up to the hype, this is Creeper we’re talking about.

The record is a total smash and it is hard not to just gush about every single track, these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to putting an album together. The songs form a perfect roller coaster ride of emotions beginning with ‘Black Rain’, a song with the fast, throbbing verses and slow, giant choruses that My Chemical Romance executed so perfectly.

Other highlights include the contagious ‘Hiding With Boys’, the nostalgic punkiness of ‘Down Below’, and the heart-wrenching emotions of both ‘Misery’ and ‘I Choose To Live’. Keyboardist Hannah Greenwood takes on lead vocals in the country-styled ‘Crickets’ and the way her honey-sweet voice transforms into a gravelly rasp and back again is surprising and beautifully emotive.

The standout track on the record has to be ‘Suzanne’ with its Jim Steinman influences and glam-rock swagger. Evoking both Meatloaf and Elton John, this song is a perfect example of the flamboyant diversity this exciting band are capable of. They could not be at further from your typical rock act and Creeper are exactly what we need right now; a theatrical band entirely unafraid to push boundaries and to be themselves. Since a certain beloved band split up in 2013 there has been an empty space just waiting for a band like Creeper to come along and fill it.

Could Eternity, In Your Arms be the next Black Parade? Only time will tell, but I predict that by 2020 we this amazing band will have a number one album, a headline slot at Download Festival and band member action figures. It’s only going to get bigger and better, so ‘Darling’, forget your ‘Misery’ and ‘Choose to Live’ in ‘Room 309’ forever.



Eternity, In Your Arms is out now on Roadrunner Records.