ach week Vulture Hound picks a new artist you should definitely be checking out. This week, Ruby explains why Low Totem deserves your absolute attention.

Low Totem (Rhys Maslen, Muggy Cooper and Amanda Dal) are a London and Edinburgh based three piece and they’re about to become your new obsession. Their dramatic sound is a soft rock experience of expecting the unexpected.

Debut single, ‘Sleuth’ features rugged yet delicate vocals encaptured within a bassy guitar backing track, but this is unexpectedly intertwined with classical piano and viola strings. It’s a beautiful combination that creates a big, impending and haunting sound which builds throughout the duration of the song. Lyricism as intense as the sound surrounding it; “gained a new perspective and let it bring me down” and “just think of what you’d achieve if you just let go” are examples of the story which ties ‘Sleuth’ together into a dynamic crescendo of a single.

Promise of an impending EP release has been the most exciting news of new music for me so far this year, once you’ve heard just one of their tracks you will feel the same. Naming Alt-J as a major influence on their music, they have cultivated a unique sound similar to the likes of Hozier mixed with the addictive elements of Arcade Fire.

As well as the impending EP release, the band will play Bush Hall, London on May 10th. Plans to recruit strings, horns and piano for the show is set to make this their most atmospheric and powerful performance to date. Tickets are available via Dice.

Low Totem may be our Artist of the Week but you’re sure to be hooked on them for a whole lot longer.

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