Artist of the Week (20/03/2017) – Falling in Reverse

I was late to the game when it comes to Falling in Reverse, literally only discovering them last year. If, somehow, you have also not yet had the pleasure of experiencing them you may ask what you’ve been missing…and the simple answer is A LOT.

After that first taste of FIR I was hooked, the musical equivalent of heroin. I was compelled to devour every track of every album, researching everything I could about the band…it’s an Asperger’s thing. It quickly became obvious that Ronnie Radke is a musical genius and everything he touches turns to gold.

So far the band have released three records and there is not one track on any of them that could be considered a “filler”. Every single song is throbbing with feeling and passion and when you align them with the highly publicised events of Ronnie’s personal life they become even more powerful.

It is rare to find a lyricist as open and honest about his life as Ronnie and whether he’s declaring revenge on his former friends and ETF bandmates (‘Caught Like a Fly’), mourning the loss of his brother (‘Brother’), or admitting his awareness of being an “asshole” (‘Just Like You’), it is done to perfection.

Falling in Reverse are so much more than just your average rock band, their unique blend of rap, rock, and metal ensures they stand out from the crowd and with a frontman as explosive as Radke they rise high above their peers.

Ronnie also has a knack of attracting the sickest musicians to the band and the current line up are no exception. Derek and Zakk provide dynamite riffs whilst newcomer Christian shreds the most mammoth solos, all whilst pulling his signature lunge of course. And there is no way we could discuss the band without a special mention for the unquestionably talented drummer Ryan Seaman, no matter what the song he never fails to impress me and he genuinely seems to love what he does which makes him so much more fun to watch.

Yesterday, the band premiered their latest single ‘Broken’ on the Radio 1 Rock Show and it was just as exquisite as I hoped it would be. The single can be found on their hugely anticipated upcoming album ‘Coming Home’ released through Epitaph Records on April 7, 2017.

Now all we have to do is wait patiently for UK tour. One day. One day.