Each week Vulture Hound picks a new artist you should definitely be checking out. This week, Cayle explains why TDE’s latest signee SiR deserves your attention.

As a general rule of thumb, assume that anyone TDE signs has almost limitless potential. SZA and Isaiah Rashad came from pretty much nowhere and are now pretty much better than anyone their age. The tapping up of Lance Skiiiwalkerspoke of a willingness to diversify their sound, and the arrival of SiR, the latest string to be added to their bow, points to a desire to stamp a new name to a somewhat dwindling genre: R&B.

SiR is a crooner, a lover, with a voice descended from the heavens and a pen sharpened in Inglewood. It’s hard to think of someone that reads as tranquil and unhurried; it’s even harder to think of many artists that revere the opposite sex in the same wide-eyed, respectful way.

Highlights from his latest short-but-sweet EP Her Too are hard to pick out because of the brilliance in most of them; pure demonstrations of his double-barrelled abilities in song-writing and vocals can be found in every track from ‘New LA’ (featuring two assists from Compton alumni Anderson .Paak and King Mez) to the ‘W$ Boi’.

SiR has a turn of phrase that reminds you why he caught the eye of TDE’s big bosses – there’s an invention here, vocally and lyrically that seems a pre-requisite to join one of hip hop’s most prodigious collectives: “Probably, told you, life was black and white / he was only trying to dim your light.”

Without trying to pigeonhole an artist that’s as fresh as anything I’ve heard in the past few years, there’s welcome shades of Frank Ocean in the way he twists and turns his voice – even a touch of his label mate Kendrick in the way he ends some of his words, if you listen closely. In fact, SiR somehow already sounds TDE – he’s shown that he hasn’t missed a beat.

When someone has a voice this good, and when that someone is in control of it to the degree of it almost being an instrument, their songwriting ability can become a moot point. But SiR can do both, thrillingly, and the mind inevitably wanders to his full length album and any and all future collaborations with the TDE lot. For now, though, you’ve got two EP’s showcasing what might eventually amount to work from one of R&B’s most multi-talented stars.

Find SiR on Twitter, Facebook, and on Soundcloud.

By Cayle Hotene

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