Vant - Dumb Blood

Vant – Dumb Blood (Album Review)

never thought I could become so obsessed with an album so quickly. It arrived on a busy day for me, but I managed to listen to the entire album at least twice through during an impromptu in-car listening party (also known as Ruby taking over her friends in-car sound system and turning the volume up offensively high). Its been on repeat since.

Dumb Blood is the debut album from UK based group Vant and it’s as indie rock as it gets. Just imagine Nirvana having a baby with Empire Of The Sun and you’ll get the gist. Well combined basslines and lead guitar make for easy listening soft rock, but it’s the variety of pace and the odd dose thrashy arrangements that create the diverse sound.

Seven of the thirteen tracks on the album have already been released as singles, so established fans will already recognise a large portion of the record. However, newcomers will no doubt have a sense of familiarity, too. Inspiration from bands like Feeder and Nirvana are easy to hear; particularly within the instrumentals of ‘I Don’t Believe in God’ and ‘Put Down Your Gun’.

Dumb Blood is slightly less ‘sex, drugs and rock & roll’ and a little more ‘peace, love and gun control’ which is a nice insight into lead singer and main lyricist Mattie Vant’s outlook on life. If you’re not into dissecting lyrics, song titles such as ‘Peace and love’ and ‘Karma Seeker’ give you a clue as to what’s going on.

In my eyes (or ears I suppose) it’s a well rounded album with a mix of track styles to match a variety of moods, the lyrics are meaningful but entertaining and creative. It’s fun and enjoyable to listen to but it means serious business; Vant are a small name set for big things and Dumb Blood is hopefully just the beginning.

Dumb Blood is out now on Parlophone.

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