King Blues

Thought politics was boring and way above our heads? Think again.

In preparation for their upcoming new album The Gospel Truth out 14 April, The King Blues have been touring the country and on 31 January Manchester Academy was crammed with people of all ages, genders, and sexualities, ready to pump their fists in the air and chant for their beliefs.

We arrived in time to see Riot Grrrl Louise Distras take to the stage, backed by a kick-ass band. Thrashing and screaming their way through a powerful set-list they managed to capture and retain the attention of the audience; Louise even managed to get them to join her in a rendition of “Hey, Donald Trump! We wanna know (woah ohh oh, woah ohh oh) why you’re such a cunt” to the tune of DJ Otzi’s version of ‘Hey Baby’. It was kind of beautiful to see a whole room of people come together to spread love and acceptance (and just a little bit of politician bashing) through punk music.

King Blues
The King Blues frontman Itch, dressed in a gorgeously dapper suit, opened their set alone on the stage with just a spotlight and microphone to share his powerful poem of what the world could have been like if punk rock had never happened. As a massive fan of this poem it was an honour to finally see it performed live; it is definitely one to give you chills. The crowd behind me were reciting every word and the energy in the room was building just in time for Itch to be joined by the rest of the band and for them to blast into an electrifying performance of ‘Let’s Hang the Landlord’, followed by the ever powerful ‘Set the World on Fire’.

Itch’s voice was sounding a little worse for wear and he sometimes appeared to struggle with being heard over the music, but he in no way let that detract from his energetic and intensely passionate performance.

king blues

The King Blues have encouraged fans up and down the country to turn up to every one of their shows armed with donations of food, bedding, clothing, and sanitary products for people living on the streets local to each venue. It shows what an affect people can have if they pull together and it was so refreshing to witness a band that not only believed every word they said, and didn’t charge extortionate merchandise prices, but instead used their influential position to spread some love and happiness in the world, and that is a beautiful thing.

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