“Snitches get stitches” – Fist Fight (Exclusive Clips)

The world is abuzz with the results of the 2017 Academy Awards – an event where America celebrates the best of the best of the past year in cinema. There were laughs. There was confusion. There were tears.

But now it’s over. It’s time to stop looking to the past, and start looking to the future of film.

This Friday, Fist Fight, staring Charlie Day and Ice Cube as two teachers who are put on a collision course after one of them gets fired, is released in cinemas and we have some exclusive clips from the upcoming film.

Granted, they’re not exclusive to VultureHound, but they are exclusive to the UK. So suck it America, you may have the Oscars, but we get cool stuff too.


Fist Fight hits cinemas this Friday, March 3rd. 

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