Salt Cathedral have shared their new single, ‘Fragements’, and announced their debut album Big Waves/Small Waves, set to release this year.

If their single is any indication of the full album it will be filled with relaxing tones, blended with pop beats and ambient sounds that allow an organic feel to flourish. The track starts quiet with a subtle build of drums and synths, then takes on life with haunting vocals. You can stream it below.

“Fragments was written in a year that the general public are calling the ‘worst year ever’. War, mass killings, civil unrest, and violent populism are now all-too-common features of life in a global society,” Juli Ronderos, lead vocalist explains.

She adds, “Fragments is the effect that conflict takes on us – making us crumble into small pieces as we hope to find balance and strength to reattach. Conflicts big and small, on an everyday personal basis and those of humanity – all they do is break us. What I want to say with this song is that we can ‘calibrate’ our love. It takes an active, rather than a passive attitude to tune into love and tune into empathy and not hurt others around us, to not argue in what I call “the wrong way” which is arguing with hatred and fear. We’ve all seen way too much of this lately. I believe we can calibrate our love.”

Performing at SXSW and other as-yet-unannounced festivals alongside the highly anticipated debut album release, 2017 is set to be the year of Salt Cathedral. Big Waves/Small Waves follows two widely acclaimed EPs and a handful of singles that have earned the band millions of streams on Spotify. Inspired by all things 2016, their Colombian upbringing, and the predominantly Jamaican neighborhood they live in, the record is brimming with Caribbean rhythms, confrontational vocals and mesmerizing melodies. Bursting with things to say and music to play, the New York-based duo’s unique and progressive styling will no doubt see them soar to even greater heights in 2017.

Check out the guest playlist that Salt Cathedrals did for Vulture Hound last year here, and keep an eye out for further news of the duo.