Homebound - Mould To

UK pop-punk quartet Homebound make it three stand-out releases in three with their latest EP The Mould You Build Yourself Around.

Vocalist Charlie Boughton brings an added dimension of authenticity and rawness to a pop-punk formula which is in serious danger of stagnation recently. Happily, the rest of band follow suit, and try their best to deviate from the happy-go-lucky rut the scene seems to habitat these days. Guitars have a good amount grit to their tone, with the majority of the EP having just enough dirt under the finger nails to give it some punk credibility.

This release is both a maturation and a step-forward for a band who have the potential to become another shining light in a thriving, but overcrowded, UK pop-punk scene. The key with this release is the ability to sound familiar yet different enough to avoid the over-saturated nature of other bands releases.

Saying that, at times this release is guilty of spinning its wheels and slipping into the same tired motifs that have swamped the genre, but thankfully lead single ‘Headspace’ shows the immense promise this band has. This is a frenetic start to the EP, as the opener shows how the group thrive with their blend of honest and confessional music, a motif which continues throughout the five tracks featured here.

The band bring the feels as well as they bring the bounce, with follow-up tracks ‘Distrait’ and ‘Sonder’ upping the emotion while keeping the strong sense of energy and hook-laden vocal delivery that the band are so good at. ‘Sonder’ in particular shows the variety the band are capable of, as this breaks up the EP with a slight change of sonic direction.

‘Broken Reverie’ injects a great deal of pace to the proceedings and should help the band kick-start future live shows. This is another highlight and has the potential to be a fan favourite and a mainstay in the bands set list for some time.

Long term pop-punk followers will know exactly what they will be getting with this release, as despite some flashes of experimentation this still includes the tropes associated with the scene. However, fans of Neck Deep, Trophy Eyes, and The Story So Far will feel right at home here. It is promising to see yet another exciting release from an up and coming UK pop-punk band full of both bite and melody. Support the scene, check out this band.

The Mould You Build Yourself Around out now via Rude Records.