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“Bouncy castles and record labels” – I know you’re thinking that this seems like an un-likely combination, however the smarty pants over at events company Regression Sessions have made it the norm. Best known for their weird and wonderful club nights, Regression combine their house, techno and D&B parties with nostalgic child-like fun, complete with themed decor, bouncy castles and ball bits. However, Regression are serious about their electronic music, so much so they’ve launched their own record label.

Earlier in February, the Fire and Lightbox complex in London played host to the label launch, with 700 peace fuelled and eager to dance club goers for a ‘Hippy Trippy’ themed night. Headlining the night in the ‘Fire Room’ was DJ megastar Roger Sanchez, a dance floor genius who, from the safety of his camper van DJ booth, managed to get the entire (very full) room moving. The Lightbox (a small room not for the faint-hearted or very drunk due to the hundreds of tiny lights flashing across the walls and ceiling) was filled with heavy beats provided by Mad Villains. The Leeds based DJ, who originally hails from California, is providing the label with their first release; Hit The Club EP. His brand of heaving dirty bass just makes you want to dance.

He’s earning a name for himself on the UK house scene with Regression’s already well established brand backing him all the way. This EP is the first in hopefully a long list of clean-cut and well produced pieces of work from Regression and its resident DJ’s.

Regression Sessions are still being hosted up and down the country and are not only one of the strangest premises for a night out you’ve heard of, but one of the most fun and memorable. Their record label is a give both a chance for DJ’s to have a popular name behind their releases, and for fans of the club nights to have access to the music they spent a night falling in love with.

Regression will be launching a brand new theme in London on April 15th – just in time for their 5th birthday.

Every 5th birthday requires a bouncy castle, surely?

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By Ruby Parsons

I love music and I love writing, I'm sure half of it is just babble but it makes me happy