Ten Tombs

Each week Vulture Hound picks a new artist you should definitely be checking out. This week, Ben explains why TEN TOMBS deserves your absolute attention.

Ten Tombs are a Cheltenham based four-piece who are creating big waves despite being in their infancy. Formed in November 2015 these three have hit the ground running, already having shared the stage with bands like Foals and Milk Teeth. This experience has seen the band grow and develop with every performance, something that’s clear to see in the difference between their 2016 debut EP, If You Keep Me, I’m Yours, and most recent release, Hiding From Sunlight EP.

This constant development makes Ten Tombs infinitely exciting and it is a pleasure to see a band develop in front of your eyes (and ears). The range of influences they have taken into the creative process is fascinating, with indie rock, Britpop and grunge strongly referenced to create a sound which combines experimentation and individuality alongside accessibility.

On a musical level these four seem to have a firm understanding of what they are writing and how it will slot into every other layer. The sound combinations created are, at times, expansive with a sound that would fill a room or stage of any size. There’s also a raw edge to the music, with feedback and fuzz always expertly applied. Vocally there is a contrast between strength and fragility and this oxymoronic range is what creates the emotion required to create accessibility.

As a live entity these boys have certainly cut their teeth, quickly. As well as sharing the stage with the likes of Milk Teeth and Foals, they have also headlined shows throughout the UK and Europe which, for a band who have been touring for such a short amount of time, is credit to their hard work and fast developing reputation.

However, I think the thing that makes Ten Tombs more than worthy of an artist of the week slot is their constant development. This is a vote for potential and that potential is incredible.

New EP, Hiding From Sunlight is out now via Alpas Collective.

You can find Ten Tombs on soundcloudBandcamp and on Facebook.