Freshly rebooted after their split in 2014, Australian hardcore band, Saviour are back with three new members, including Shontay Snow, whose addition has helped to reshape their sound for the brand new album, Let Me Leave. An album that’s contextualism is very diverse with a unique range of rhythm, sound and vocals from both Snow and other frontman Bryant Best.

Snow’s delicate voice is what shines most on this album. The combination of both her and Best’s harsh nu-metal tone, along with his variety of screamo, creates a back to back vocal echo that is very unique. ‘Pressure & Composure’, is a great example of this dual vocal approach, demonstrating the band’s transition from their past material. Tracks like ‘The Quiet Calm’, ‘The Low In Hello’ and also Snow’s individual ballad, ‘The Cool Calm’, further highlight this new sound.

However, the album does contain a few convoluted tracks that take the vocal combination for granted, losing the albums otherwise solid sound and rhythm. By continually adding instrumental sounds to simple tracks, it does lose its way, to such an extent that on second listen you may find yourself skipping tracks. But at it’s best, Let Me Leave has a rich combination of graceful and harsh vocals along with an excellent guitar sound and a solid rhythm section, working together to create the band’s new alternative, hardcore sound.

A resurrection of sorts, Let Me Leave will undoubtedly open the band up to an influx of new listeners and fans. Despite some obvious ‘filler’ moments, Saviour have produced a great record – it’s a great stepping stone for the start 2017 and the beginning of the band’s second coming.

Let Me Leave is out 13th January via UNFD