American electronic hardcore band, Palisades are back with their self-titled and third studio album. Since their second album Mind Games back in 2015, the band has had to bid farewell to members Brandon Reese and Earl Halasan. In their place, two new members, bassist/backing vocalist Brandon Elgar and DJ/Producer Christian Muchozuki (aka Graves).

Graves and Elgar’s influence is obvious. As well as recent single, ‘Aggression’, tracks like  ‘Cold Heart (Warm Blood)’, ‘Fall’ and ‘Let Down’, demonstrate the band’s new tone and sound; each with a range of electronic sounds, courtesy of Graves. Elgar, meanwhile, adds both crushing bass lines and a backing vocal which complements Louis Miceli’s voice extremely well, combining both soft punk and hardcore rock vocal deliveries.

Despite finding a new sound to play with, Palisades does suffer from a lack of variety, especially on the first listen. It’s progressive, and flows incredibly well, but tends to lose its edge as it quickly settles into its formula. Still, there’s plenty to like, especially the rich, electronic, alternative sound, brilliantly captured over the course of the album’s 11 tracks.

This album sees Palisades re-create themselves and turn in a new direction. No doubt it they’ll see an influx of new fans and listeners as a result. Despite its lack of variety there’s enough to it to show that, with a bit more time, it’ll prove to be the right move.

Palisades is available January 20th via Rise Records.