After months of build-up going back prior to the holidays of 2016, Gorillaz have dropped their first new track in six years. The track, ‘Hallelujah Money’, featuring Benjamin Clementine, is presumably our first peak at their clandestine, under-wraps new album.

It was posted on their social media with typical nonchalance and without much aplomb by Murdoc Nickels…

Check out the track, below.

This is Gorillaz at their best and at their punchiest; weaving musical styles together with an emphasis on guest performers, hip-hop production and electronica/synth stylings.

The lyrics spin an anti-capitalist, anti-establishment message through Clemintine’s tongue-in-cheek ‘sermon’. As a featuring artist, his poetry background is used to strong effect as the band let him take centre stage.

However, behind the video’s dominating image of Clemetine’s preacher, 2D (Damon Albarn) can be seen and heard; his distorted, dulcet tones bringing an invigorating sense of comfort and familiarity.

Having shown they’re still working the same magic they have been for over a decade, the timing of the track also wryly highlights how relevant the band continues to be. Given the track’s glib parody of capitalist zealotry, it’s clear that the timing of the release, a day ahead of the US Presidential Inauguration, is no coincidence.

If ‘Hallelujah Money’ is anything to go by, Gorillaz’ 5th, and as of yet, untitled album will be a continuation of the weird and wonderful method the band has always employed; subtle and quietly sardonic social commentary, complimented by sterling production and a completely new host of musical influences.

Hallelujah Money?

Hallelujah, Gorillaz.