BAFTA Rising Star Award nominee Anya Taylor-Joy is definitely one actress that film fans should keep an eye on. It may be hard to believe based on Taylor-Joy’s impressive acting career, but the actress has never had any professional training. The Argentinian-English actress has also seemed to carve a niche in the industry with her impressive turns in horror, such as last year’s The Witch and Morgan, and the recently released Split. Despite her speciality in horror films, she revealed that she isn’t actually a fan of watching them because she finds them too scary! Thankfully she is brave enough to be star in them though, so film fans can enjoy her chilling performances.

Here’s a look at Taylor-Joy’s other roles, showing just why she deserves that Rising Star accolade:

The Witch (2015)
Robert Eggers made his directorial debut with his film, The Witch. He produced shots of beautiful landscapes with contrasting supernatural horrors that will haunt you for days! Accompanying it is a spine-chilling score and Anya Taylor-Joy’s subtle but powerful performance which makes this film a chilling masterpiece.

The film is set around a Puritan family in 1630s New England who have removed themselves from society and set up a new home on the edge of a remote forest. While in the care of Taylor-Joy’s character Thomasin, the youngest is taken away by an unknown creature. Unfortunate and mysterious incidences occur and all fingers are pointed towards Thomasin, who is accused of witchcraft by her parents.
This is a horror that slowly creeps up on you and engulfs all your senses, haunting you afterwards for days (or weeks!). Taylor-Joy is an excellent asset to the film and it’s no wonder her career has rapidly progressed since.

Morgan (2016)

In her most sinister role yet, Taylor-Joy no longer plays the role of an innocent girl, but the unpredictable dangerous android-human who is capable of committing serious harm to those around her. A corporate risk-management consultant (Kate Mara) visits her at the scientific study centre to decide whether or not the humanoid should be terminated. Morgan has a strange ability to read a person’s past giving her a dangerous power of knowledge. Though she is clearly a danger to the scientists around her, their attachment to her means they are unable to make an unbiased opinion on deciding her fate. But it seems unlikely that Morgan will allow others to decide that for her…
Taylor-Joy is convincingly callous and cold in her role that results in a spine-chilling performance, once again proving her abilities as an excellent actress.

Split (2016)

In her latest role for Split, Taylor-Joy plays Casey, one of three girls who are kidnapped by James McAvoy’s Kevin for sinister purposes. This is a kidnapping with a twist though (and what did we expect from an M. Night Shyamalan film!) as Kevin has 23 different personalities living in his body, so Casey and her friends have to work out which of them can be trusted to help them escape.
This psychological thriller puts all the actors through their paces, but Taylor-Joy shines as a quiet but focused Heroine who holds her nerve in a seemingly impossible situation.

Split is in Cinemas now

By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.