Since their first track, ‘Cry No More’ received 100,000 plays in the first week of it being on Soundcloud in 2013, electronica trio Vaults have been on a fast track to success and it’s no wonder why.

They are a band who have been right under your nose all this time. After signing to Virgin EMI they’ve since been featured on the motion picture soundtrack for 50 Shades of Grey and covered Randy Crawford’s ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ for this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert. Now the time has finally come for their debut album, Caught In Still Life, mixed by David Wrench who has worked with the likes of Jamie XX, FKA Twigs, Bat For Lashes and Jungle.

The album starts off suitably with a reworked version of ‘Cry No More’, a chiming intro to charm the ears with a playful tone. Caught In Still Life progresses into a dance album rooted in greater meaning, an album perfect for nights out and in alike. ‘Premonitions’ comes in a little darker with a brooding rhythm and echoing percussion as synths surge through to maintain a light energy. However, this isn’t Vaults taking a wrong turn, just a step down another avenue adding range to the album.

From breathtaking moments in ‘Poison’ to the irresistibly catchy ‘Midnight River’, there’s something for everyone and anyone, any time and any place. Everything seems to come so naturally, all the power, the rhythms – it all feels organic, something that doesn’t necessarily come easy when dealing with electronica.

What it comes down to is this – Blythe Pepino’s voice. It’s compelling. Her vocals range from deep and penetrating, to sweet and angelic, but always powerful. Along with the sensational synths and layers of electronica, this makes for an enchanting sound that may well fit into the mainstream, but not without proving itself to be anything but ordinary. We live in an age where ‘mainstream’ is a dirty word, but here it only means good things.

Vaults are both diverse and catchy and that’s exactly the appeal. Easy to tap in and out of, but equally wholly immersive. This is an album ready for many audiences, all without any notion of selling out. Caught In Still Life is classically beautiful with a dynamic edge that is open to the masses.

Caught In Still Life is out now via Virgin EMI.

By Samantha Mae

Twitter @samaanthamae