True Colors by Lora Zombie  | 12 Nov | One Night Only  @Underdog Gallery

The dazzling Lora Zombie was welcomed into the stylish streets of London. Presented by the Underdog Gallery, Lora presented her solo exhibition: True Colors.

taken @ Underdog Gallery
Photograph Taken When @ Underdog Gallery

The gallery worked wonderfully in highlighting the presence of the grudge artist and her vibrant distinctive designs.  The audience were presented with numerous works; ‘Unicorn Vitamins’, Universe In Your Hands’, ‘Space Kitty’, ‘Unicorn Bites’,  ‘Floating With Whale’ and ‘Fragile world’, being just a few.   The buzz of the night was pretty electrifying, with a long queue heading down Bermondsey street,  the night was filled with the classy, the bar goers, the chatty enthusiasts and many more. From posters and artworks you can buy, alcohol and even passerby strollers wondering what the interest was all about. It was a good night. It was enticing to see such a mix of people excited to see Lora Zombie’s imagination in one room. Mixed with compelling fun music to bounce to- Lora’s night was a success.  With queue control, the night went smoothly and swiftly and everyone got to embrace the artist’s night for 3 hrs. This meant that you had to pre-plan this date on your diaries, be quick in grabbing some merchandise and seeing the lovely jolly artist.

Photo taken by myself | Lora Zombie @ Underdog Gallery with fans.
Photo taken by myself. Lora Zombie @ Underdog Gallery with fans.

Dressed in one of her own designs ‘Unicorn Vitamins’, Lola could be seen greeting customers, taking pictures and discussing her passion with the memorised audience.  The queue might have been a while, but the night was worthwhile. Perhaps patience is art. The patience and anticipation of  waiting to see something beautiful.  A powerful puff girl treat to envision!

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