With the festive season all upon us and with Christmas literally a week away, ‘All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride’ may in fact be the treat for those looking for a majestic piece. ‘All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride’ produces a very realistic piece of the Sami people; indigenous people who reside in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland. Arctic regions where the temperatures drop past the minus twenties.  The audience enter the arctic regions of northern Europe and witness the essence of the Sami people through this silent point-of-view filmed piece. ‘All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride’  arguably could be the DVD suited for that Christmas morning, surrounded by hot chocolate and expression of ambience from the Sami people. The documentary is quiet, hypnotic and arguably artistic. Seemingly plain for some yet riveting for others, undoubtedly, this film energises us with the Sami spirit of the indigenous this Christmas. Presenting the audience with scenes of Norway, actual unforeseen images, ones in which the Sami people identify with on a daily basis. Trekking through cold conditions and herding reindeer from location to location-  through tradition and honour.

Credit to: All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride (2015) Dr: Luke Korzun Martin
Credit to: All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride (2015) Dr: Luke Korzun Martin

This DVD pick probably wouldn’t suit the ones looking for comedy, action, or excessive narratives.
With no set narrative and a rather slow paced long repetitive sequence to follow ‘All aboard! The Sleigh Ride’ may truly fit those looking for discovery and a feeling of a spirit this Christmas; the true essence long forgotten.  With this film, you have to keep an eye out for the intriguing facts in the
clouds that appear every now and then.  Perhaps a splash of dialogue translated rather than a steady pace may have intrigued more into this educational piece.  Nevertheless, magically and slowly you can enjoy this Christmas ride, literally. You can catch a sneak peak of this documentary styled film this Christmas Eve on BBC Four.


Dir: Luke Korzun Martin

Scr:  Luke Korzun Martin

Cast: Anne Louise Gaup, Charlotte  Iselin Mathisen

Prd: Nicola Hill, Steven Hunt, Verity Hollywood, Magnus Temple, Janine Melton,

Music: Mark Roberts

DOP: Justine Evans, Tom Hooker

Colour: Jack McGinity

Country: UK

Runtime: 2 hrs

All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride is available on DVD from the 21st November 2016


By Natalia Santos

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