First published in the December 2016 issue of VultureHound Magazine – click here to read

It’s nearly here. The end’s in sight. Shortly we can throw away the calendars and cease writing down four bastardly sequenced numbers; 2016.

With this time of year it’s customary to look back on the year that just was. For many reasons 2016 will go down as one of the most infamous years in living memory. Established political systems falling like dominoes, the poor and disenfranchised are becoming worse off and intolerance in all its forms is on the rise. Not to mention; the disturbing array of musicians, actors, directors and general famous folk who we all cared about becoming another R.I.P. Twitter trend.

They’ll be other opinion pieces online and in print that will sum this year up more eloquently than I ever could. They’ll be speakers who will be able to galvanise folk into looking towards a better tomorrow. They’ll tell us that the time for complacency is over and now is the time to get to work. Of course I mean this more in a political sense, I don’t image they’ll be campaigns to resurrect Leonard Cohen through means of the Genesis Device, so that he can finish the undoubtedly great works he had on the boil. Although there could be far grander wastes of public money.

Cohen’s gone. Bowie’s gone. Prince is gone. Alan Vega’s gone. But worry you not, we have Transformers 5 to look forward to. I jest. But seriously… no more Michael Bay Transformers!

Thinks probably that things will be hella shit for a while. It’s not our fault. We try the best we can. Some of us march. Some us are social media warriors. Some grin and bear. Everything in it’s small part helps to change things or alleviate the pain of loosing something we hold dear to our hearts. It seems like we’re entering a short term phase of mucking through, make do and mending. But to have that attitude does great disservice to the genuine talents that are currently on the rise. The changing of the old guard. For every hate mongering politician who claims to be the solution, the person with genuine righteousness on their side is currently reciting their inauguration speech in their head. For every anti-Islamic Facebook page on the web, there is a restaurant run by Islamic owners offering a free Christmas dinner to homeless people of every colour and creed (apologies for the gross over simplification of these issues). For every lost artist there are ten more artists who are making music just as experimental and joyful.

Sorry, I ended up doing a bloody Hughie Green Christmas speech. I originally set out to write something saying “yeah, 2016 pundits will get all high and mighty about where we go next” and I became one of them. I’m just some douche bag in England with a bad haircut. All I wanted to say was Fuck 2016 let’s all watch Muppets Christmas Carol and have fun. Goodness knows we need it more than ever.

And I mean that “most sincerely.”