To celebrate the release of their new mini-album, Vol. 2, London hardcore punk-rock band, Death Koolaid, have today released a brand new video for the track ‘Kids’.

The single shot promo features a class full of very angry/scared looking kids running away from a church – Yeah, we hated Sunday School too.

The track itself is a rolling, slacker-rock belter; accompanied by vocalist Siren Sycho’s ferocious, spitting punk vocals. You can watch the clip, directed by Brendan Cleaves, exclusively on Vulture Hound, below.

The band, fronted by vocalist Sycho, also features the brilliantly named Roy Darkwater (guitar/bass), The Crowman (guitar) and The Crossman (drums). Since their formation in 2013 they’ve been on a “quest to inject noise into the hearts of the masses”. In 2014 they released debut EP Vol. 1, before becoming the first ever punk band to play the Brighton and Hove Pride festival. 2014 also saw the band nominated for a UK MVA award for their video ‘The Second Rule’.

Vol. 2 is out now. Get it via the band’s official Bandcamp, here.