Mechanic: Resurrection is the return of Arthur Bishop, a professional assassin played by Jason Statham. The first film, The Mechanic, was released in 2011 and five years is a significant wait for this sequel. In this film, Bishop is dragged out of retirement and blackmailed into committing three assassinations by a man he has a long history with. Bishop has fallen for Gina (played by Jessica Alba) and unless he eliminates his targets, she will be killed. This tried and tested “one last job” set-up provides the means to showcase some novel methods of assassination as all the killings must look like accidental deaths.

Jason Statham is a magnetic screen presence and has shown many times he can carry an action movie – this film is no different. He is the real deal as an action movie star, perfectly suited to playing this type of role. Jessica Alba gives a decent performance but is given little to do. She is essentially a damsel in distress who looks incredibly beautiful and there are more than a couple of lingering shots of her in a bikini which feel slightly gratuitous. The locations are also stunning; the audience will want to go on holiday after watching this film.

The script contains some clunky moments and struggles to sound authentic during the romantic scenes. The action scenes themselves are exciting and the filmmakers provide some wonderfully inventive methods of assassination. The set pieces are a great deal of fun but the periods between them seem to feel flat, there is very little else for the audience to engage with. It is always extremely enjoyable to watch Statham beating up or taking out an enemy and the film would have benefitted from more action. Tommy Lee Jones makes an over the top appearance as Max Adams. He’s a curious and entertaining presence in the film but it’s hard to imagine the reason he agreed to take the role.

The main issue with the film is that it all seems rather unnecessary – this is not a sequel that needed to be made. The film is very predictable, while this is not always a problem in this genre, too much of Mechanic: Resurrection has been seen many times before. The running time of 98 minutes feels longer, the action scenes fly by while the remainder of the fails to give the audience enough to care about. I look forward to watching Jason Statham doing what he does best in a future film more worthy of his talents.


Dir: Dennis Gansel

Scr: Philip Shelby and Tony Mosher

Cast: Jason Satham, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Yeoh and Sam Hazeldine.

Prd: William Chartoff, Robert Earl, John Thompson and David Winkler

Music: Mark Isham

DOP: Daniel Gottschalk

Country: United States and France

Runtime: 98 minutes