Young Romance

Young Romance – Another’s Blood (Album Review)

Another’s Blood is the impressive debut album from London-based duo Young Romance. Released on November 25th via Banquet Records, the album takes the form of a ten-track DIY effort that combines the talents of drummer and vocalist Claire Heywood and guitarist Paolo Ruiu, creating a captivating infusion of lo-fi grunge, electro-pop and experimental punk rock.

‘Pale’ comes first, a swift atmospheric track that mesmerises the listener with infectious beats and a plethora of anthemic guitar riffs. On such a punk-infused opener, Heywood’s haunting vocals seem remarkably out of place, but it’s this particular element of the record that provides Young Romance with a burst of originality. ‘Wasting Time’ finds the perfect middle ground between electropop and indie rock with a subtle, yet effective shoegaze undertone, before ‘Above the Wall’ steps back into a blend of new wave ambience and meditative beats.

‘Cracks’ comes next, echoing through the opening silence with intense guitar work and an immense power behind Heywood’s emotive vocals. It’s here that Young Romance portray their musical possibilities, setting aside the heavier influences and providing the listener with a haunting, atmospheric effort reminiscent of Chvrches. ‘Disappear’ then picks up the pace with a synth-pop dance number that focuses heavily on the combined vocals efforts of the duo and the pounding drum beats towards the latter half of the track.

‘Pulling At The Grey’ returns to the sounds that introduced the record to begin with, perfectly blending indie punk with infectious pop before ‘Never Learn’ sits effortless among the likes of One Night Only and the Gaslight Anthem. ‘Wild’ represents yet another, softer side to the band as an array of eerie vocals take centre stage alongside a simplistic beat and steady riff, before recent single ‘Room to Breathe’ takes the form of a dreamy, melancholic and synth-heavy effort.

Album closer ‘Cold’ is an intense, yet remarkably beautiful piano track that marks a perfect ending to an already impressive record. It’s rare for a debut album to provide such an established sound that portrays exactly who the band are, but Young Romance have managed to do so incredibly well, pushing past boundaries but appearing more than comfortable in the process.

Another’s Blood is out now via Banquet Records.