With a lineup which includes former Hindsights guitarist/vocalist, Benio Baumgart, the expectation levels are high for Sibling’s debut EP Miserable Love. Currently performing as a three piece but with hopes to increase in numbers this is the start of a very exciting project.

From the minute you press play this release is a departure from previous musical pastures and clearly has an individual take on post-rock/hardcore. The opening seconds of ‘Circles’ are ambient and gentle and ooze the style and class of early emo and have an almost shoegaze quality. Guitars cut through this ambience and a choppy rumbling bass line leads into a stylish introduction to Sibling.

The vocal delivery is unsurprisingly full of emotion; there are tearful cracks at vital times which expertly pull at the heartstrings followed by harmonies which are full of solidarity and personal strength. This contrast shows a band with a real songwriting talent as ultimately no matter how self-deprecating or raw the heartbreak, there are plenty of uplifting moments.

Every song on this release contains a clever musical narrative which combines pop sensibilities with a strong emo/punk influence wrapped within floaty post punk. The soundscapes created build with clever contrasts, feedback gently creeps into distorted drums, angular guitars meet deep basslines and everything always ends in a hook. There is an art to combining so many influences into a sound that works and is completely accessible. With Miserable Love, Sibling have nailed it.

This release progresses and evolves into a very clever introduction to a band who are both technically and creatively gifted. Every note seems to have been crafted with a counter note or drum beat in mind. These expansive tracks really set out Sibling’s stall which is littered with emotive word play and exceptional musicianship.

Miserable Love is out now on Little Rocket Records.